Anti-Stries 125ml

Anti-Stries 125ml


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Extremely concentrated formula that effectively restores tissues elasticity.

Anti-Stries is recommended for the prevention and restoration of stretch marks on the bust and body.


Key Ingredients

Peptidic compound, Polypeptides and glycopeptides compound of small molecular weight, Lactoferrin, proteins obtained from 2-thioxanthin and 8-hydroxanthin, Palmitoyl oligopeptide including glycine, arginine and methionine, Palmitic acid grafted on a glycine-histidine-lysine peptide.


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  • Stimulates exhausted metabolism and cellular respiration
  • Stimulates the mitochondrial respiration (+187%).
  • Firms the dermal and epidermal tissues.
  • Restructures elastin and collagen, which contributes to restore tissues elasticity.
  • Powerful cellular stimulator of collagen synthesis.
  • Protecting and repairing.


Skin Conditions

  • Anti-Stries helps to maintain and restore tissues elasticity.
  • It is recommended for the prevention of stretch marks on the bust and the body.
  • Also for the restoration of areas affected by stretch marks and distended tissues.



The exceptional nutritive active ingredients contained in Anti-Stries enable a better synthesis of the collagen and elastin, which ensures the restructuring of distended tissues.


Usage Instructions

  1. Daily Morning or Morning and Night
  2. Daily prevention (pregnancy): apply a small amount to the stomach and the bust.
  3. Restoration: apply a small amount to the areas affected by stretch marks or distended tissues.

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