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Perfect Body
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Concentrated 3-in-1 cream ideal for body contouring or for maintenance.

Perfect Body reduces cellulite, fatty deposits and firms tissues.


Key Ingredients

  • One compound of amino acids including L-carnitine, L-lysine and glycine with vitamin I B7 or inositol
  • Pheofiltrat of fucus vesiculosus and laminaria digitata rich in silica, zinc, and iodine
  • Amino acid L-carnitine
  • Synergy of plant extracts: dandelion, artichoke, fenugreek, Virginia vine, hawthorn, rosemary, hazelnut, valerian, buckthorn and ash tree
    Vitamins E and PP


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  • Activates lipase and promotes reduction of fatty cells.
  • Minerals promote toxins elimination, slimming and the restoration of cutaneous tissues.
  • Eliminates the triglycerides of the adipocytes, progressively reshaping the body.
  • Diuretic, depurative and decongestive properties that promote cellulite elimination.
  • Maintain structural integrity of intracellular elements with a positive effect on capillary fragility and varicose veins. Anti-oxidant.


Skin Conditions

  • Perfect Body is recommended for light local fatty deposits, light cellulite and distended tissues.
  • It is an ideal cream to maintain the results obtained with the other Gernétic body products.



Perfect Body assists with achieving and maintaining a dream body, free of superfluous cellulite and fatty deposits. Perfect Body promotes the firmness of the tissues as well.


Usage Instructions

  1. Daily Morning or Morning and Night
  2. Gently massage the amount of 1 teaspoon from the soles of feet to the waist using light upward strokes. Perfect Body can also be used on the arms.

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