Signs Solution 28 Carat

Signs Solution 28 Carat


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Experience an amazing 28 days! Discover a more luminous, velvety smooth, visibly firm and younger looking skin you have never discovered before. Signs Solution 28 carats is an ultra-intensive 28 day* anti-aging program based on the SKIN-PRODUCE THEORY**. This ultimate youth recovering treatment endows your skin with amazing powers, by simply applying Enhancer and Stage I for the first 14 days, Enhancer and Stage II from the 15-28 day every night.

Improves aging troubles by not only increasing the amount of skin composing elements but also by regenerating and reconstructing the dermis structure.

Signs Solution 28 carats includes:
•Enhancer (23ml)
•Stage I (5ml) x 2 pcs.
•Enhancer (5ml) x 2 pcs.

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