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The Cream


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•No color additives
This luxurious cream is especially formulated for the face and neck area. It helps to regain skin elasticity and firmer skin.

Directions: Apply 1 large pearl size onto face and neck after applying moisturizer. Apply nightly, or day and night according to your skin condition.

For better results:
1. Place a large pearl size amount on the 5 points of the face. Spread gently from the center of the face outwards.
2. Then, press the 10 points of the face with your middle fingers pads. Finally, press the temple.
3. Place a pearl size amount on 2 points of the neck. Spread gently upwards, with palms in full contact with the neck.
4. Then, apply horizontally along the face line. Finally, push the acupressure point under the ears.

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