Aromatic Salt Scrub

Aromatic Salt Scrub


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A mineral-rich polishing scrub with an empowering fresh scent that unlocks your beauty potential, delivering exceptional exfoliating and cleansing benefits, and sleek, refined skin.

・Developed with long-lasting Advanced SLM Fragrance, an invigorating blend of grapefruit oil and spices.
・Contains nature's beauty revivers including Japanese sea salt, natural clay from the Italian Alps, and hot spring water from Tuscany.
・Buffs away roughness to leave skin velvety smooth and glowing.
・Provides an exhilarating cooling sensation upon application.
・Utilizes the aromachological powers of Advanced SLM Fragrance to enliven the senses

・Wet skin and gently smooth a generous amount of scrub over body. Massage gently with palm of hand, paying particular attention to skin that is rough and dry, or in need of improved tone.
・Rinse body thoroughly.
・Not intended for use on face or sensitive areas.

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