Marine Body Comfort Gel 150ml

Marine Body Comfort Gel
Marine Body Comfort Gel 150ml


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Relieves heavy and swollen legs and drains cellulite deposits.

Marine Body Comfort is cooling and refreshing.


Key Ingredients

  • Essential amino acids.
  • Vitamins PP and E.
  • Several seaweed extracts including fucus vesiculosus and palmaria palmata
  • Synergy of extracts of hazel tree, Virginia vine, Knee holly, hamamelis and horse chestnut.
  • Camphor.


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  • Nutritive, optimize circulatory health, anti-oxydant.
  • Enhance elimination of toxins. Drain and decongest.
  • Anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation, relieves heavy and swollen legs and drains cellulite deposits.
  • Cooling and refreshing.


Skin Conditions

  • At the beginning of an anti-cellulite program to enhance the elimination of toxins.
  • Heavy and swollen legs, cellulite deposits.
  • Ideal to cool down legs in the hot season.



Marine Body Comfort enhances toxins elimination thus draining cellulite deposits.

It is anti-inflammatory and very refreshing.


Usage Instructions

  1. Morning and/or Night
  2. Daily, apply the amount of 1 teaspoon of Marine Body Comfort from the soles of the feet to the top of legs with light upward strokes.

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