Mito Special Plus – Stimulator Serum

Mito Special Plus – Stimulator Serum


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Mito Special Plus stimulates cell energy resulting in a better response to epidermis regeneration. For all ages that are free of irritation, inflammation or dermatosis. It is also recommended for old scars and acne scars.

This serum energizes the mitochondria, the cells’ "powerhouse". It stimulates the cell functions and accelerates their rate of renewal. Mito Special Plus also boosts the repairing process of damaged skins.

Active Ingredients:
100% natural and organic
8 amino acids, essential for good health and appearance

Home Use: once or twice a week
Spray a small quantity to areas that need regeneration. Can be used under a mask or under a nutritive cream, once or twice a week. For maintenance, a course of one bottle a few times a year is recommended. In case of old scars, one or two bottles should be sufficient.

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