Peaux Jeunes Balancing Cream 50ml

Peaux Jeunes
Peaux Jeunes Balancing Cream 50ml


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Peaux Jeunes balances all skin functions. It controls the production of sebum, reduces dilated pores and keeps the skin hydrated, calm and healthy.


Key Ingredients

  • Allantoin.
  • Essential oils of myrrh and thyme.
  • Extracts of burdock’s root.
  • Extracts of mallow.
  • Extracts of watercress.


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  1. Stimulates healthy tissue formation. Healing, anti-irritating and moisturising.
  2. Anti-bacterial.
  3. Astringent and depurative
  4. Soothing and astringent.
  5. Anti-seborrhea, soothing. Procures freshness and comfort.


Skin Conditions

An all-in-one cream suitable for all skins with mild imperfections, such as: oiliness, open pores, dehydration and sensitivity.



Peaux Jeunes is formulated to suit all skin types. It balances the skin pH, reduces excess seborrhoea and dilated pores. It soothes irritations and brings comfort and freshness to the skin.


Usage Instructions

  1. Morning and Night
  2. Peaux Jeunes can be applied all over the face and neck area.
  3. It can be associated to any other Gernétic cream, when necessary.

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Skin Care


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