Repairing Night Cream

Repairing Night Cream
Repairing Night Cream


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Intensive 30-day cure for damaged hands.

The skin of our hands is very fragile due to the poor quality of the network of sebaceous glands making them dry out more easily. Furthermore, we often expose them to detergents, other cleaning products as well as weather variations and harmful sunrays, without adequate protection. These factors accelerate the dehydration of our hands, and the premature aging of the skin.

The concentration of natural substances, hyaluronic acid, allantoin, shea butter and silk amino acids, has a revitalizing effect for cell renewal and moisture retention.



Use as a 30-day cure. Best to apply at night. Apply a small amount and massage until complete absorption. Enclose hands in the specially designed COTTON GLOVES after application to help the active ingredients penetrate effectively while you sleep.

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