Sebo-Ger 200ml

Sebo-Ger 200ml


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Strong Antiseptic and Depurative lotion.
Sebo-Ger is suitable for skins with a tendency to be oily and present blackheads and or pimples.


Key Ingredients

  • Burdock extract.
  • Watercress extract.
  • Myrrh extract.


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  1. Cleansing properties and a natural antibiotic. Prevents boils.
  2. Nourishing and remineralising, strengthens skin’s immunity.
  3. Antiseptic.


Skin Conditions

Skins that have a tendency to be oily and that present blackheads and/or pimples.



Sebo-Ger is very efficient for treating infected and inflamed pimples and acneic skin.

It stabilizes the acid mantle and reduces the sebum production. It clarifies and brightens the skin.


Usage Instructions

  1. Morning and Night
  2. After cleansing the skin, apply to problem areas and follow with your specific creams.
  3. You might wish to use Sebo-Ger in conjunction with Octo or Mix and Oily anti blackheads and acne creams.

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Skin Care


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