Adipo Gasta 150ml

Adipo Gasta
Adipo Gasta 150ml


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Assists you to win the slimming battle.

Adipo Gasta helps to reduce localized or general fatty deposits.


Key Ingredients

Biological compounds supplying carnitine, lysine, arginine and glutamine, vitamin I B7, mucopolysaccharides and hyaluronic acid.


Benefits of Key Ingredients

  • Nutritive and restorative complex enhancing the reduction of the adipocytes.
  • A biological extract - Supplying all nutrients to counteract craving for food.
  • Seaweed extracts rich in iodine - Boost metabolism thus inducing slimming.
  • Extracts from birch, ivy, arnica and hawthorn - Synergy of slimming-inducing plants.
  • Extracts of green coffee and Yerba mate - Potentialise the lipolysis (+170%), inducing fat reduction.
  • Anti-oxidants


Skin Conditions

Excess of fatty deposits



Adipo/Gasta assists the elimination of fatty excesses linked to poor digestion, poor elimination, nutritional over indulgence and slow metabolism.


Usage Instructions

  1. Daily Morning or Morning and Night
  2. After the application of Lympho apply some Adipo/Gasta by gentle massage to fatty deposits, including the stomach and the soles of the feet.
  3. Never use Adipo/Gasta inside legs and under buttocks as it may slacken the skin in those flabbiness-prone areas.

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Body Care


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